Cape Breton is rich in people, culture, history and nature. This activity book offers a way for children to get to know more about the Island, with a focus on Gaelic culture. The Celtic Music Interpretive Centre hopes to raise awareness about the special story of the Gaels in Cape Breton and their connection to the other cultures that help make Cape Breton all that it is.  Inside you will find colouring pages of scenery and people, history and information, riddles and mazes, word searches, crosswords and more for all ages. We hope this book gives each child a piece of Cape Breton to take home and serves as a reminder of special memories and connections to the Island.

* 60 pages
* Soft Cover
* Coil bound

Published by the Celtic Music Interpretive Centre, Aug 2017.
Illustrations by Ashley Dempsey
Research & Content by Shelly Campbell
Graphic Design & Layout by Cheryl Smith


Beach Sunset
Cape Breton Scavenger Hunt
Cape Breton Cultural History in a nut shell
Reflections on some of the Cultures
Outdoor Laundry
Intro to Cape Breton
Cape Breton-isms (expressions)
Flora & Fauna
The Musical Alphabet
Musical Jokes
Canso Causeway
Draw what you love about Cape Breton
Rebus Puzzles
My Crazy Cape Breton Adventure
Cabot Trail
Feuch e! Try your hand at some Gaelic words
Many hands make light work
A traditional fairy story
Ocean Underwater Adventure
Tune Time Word Search 
Weather Folklore
Cape Breton Characters Crossword
Timeline of the Gaels
Leaf Rubbings
Square Dancing
Step versus Highland Dancing
Your Cape Breton Poem
Popular Cape Breton instruments
Bonnach (Gaelic bread) recipe
Ceilidh: Spot the differences
The Bras d’Or lakes
Water Maze: Scotland to Cape Breton
Ship Captain
Four Quarters of the Celtic Calendar
Family Tree 
Connect the dots
On the Farm
Angus “Giant” MacAskill
Coal Mining
Quilting Tradition
Skunks & Porcupines: Origin Story
Ancient Cape Breton Map

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Cape Breton For Kids: Colouring & Activity Book

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